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 Welcome to The A- Z of Progressive Rock

In the late 1960's on the west coast of America and in London, the music industry witnesses the birth of psychedelic music. LSD, CND,. free love and the wisdom of the east where the order of the day as bands like Jefferson Airplane, he Grateful Dead, the Pink Floyd and The Beatles experimented with mind altering drugs and new concepts of spirituality that had a direct and immediate effect on both their lyrics and the sound of the music. Nowadays if someone refers to a pice of music as being pretty trippy then this is what is meant. A far out musical experience.

As new technologies began to emerge in the late 60s with guitar effects, new synthesizers and creations like the first sampler, the infamous mellotron (pictured), bands began to experiment more with sounds and musical 

composition. Bands like Pink Floyd, Procul Harlem, Deep Purple, The Nice King Crimson and Yes began introducing elements of classical, psychadelic, blues and jazz into their music as the songs became lengthier and more complex. Some of the bands had a more identifiable rock sound, like Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster and Led Zeppelin and those bands went on to be the prototypes of hard rock and heavy metal whilst often retaining many of the hallmarks of Progressive rock.